Egg Shell Colour Chart by Breed of Hen

By Katie Thear

Eggshell colour by Breed
(including pure breeds and hybrids)

The colour of eggshells is the result of pigments being deposited during egg formation within the oviduct. The type of pigment depends upon the breed and is genetically determined.

The following table indicates shell colour by breed, but bear in mind that this is a generalisation for there is a great deal of variation between flocks of the same breed. It is the particular strain of breed that is important.

Eggshell Colour by Breed of Hen
Breed Shell Colour Breed Shell Colour
Ancona Cream/White Lohmann Brown &
L. Tradition
Andalusian White Malay Tinted
Appenzeller White Maran Dark speckled
Araucana Blue-green Marsh Daisy Tinted
Asil White/Tinted Minorca White
Augsburger White Modern Game Tinted
Australorp Tinted/Brown Modern Langshan Brown
Barnevelder Brown Nankin Tinted
Black Rock Brown Nankin-Shamo Tinted/Cream
Booted Bantam Tinted New Hampshire Red Tinted/Brown
Bovans Nera Brown Norfolk Grey Tinted
Brabanter White North Holland Blue Tinted/Brown
Brahma Tinted/Brown Old English Game Tinted
Brakel White Old English Pheasant Fowl Tinted/White
Breda Cream/White Orloff Tinted
Bresse White Orpington Brown/Tinted
Calder Ranger Mid brown Pekin Cream/White
Campine White Plymouth Rock Tinted
Cochin Tinted/Brown Poland White
Cream Legbar Blue-green/Olive Rhinelander White
Creve Coeur White Rhode Island Red Tinted/Brown
Croad Lansghan Brown Rhodebar Brown
Derbyshire Redcap White/Tinted Rosecomb White/Cream
Dominique Brown Rumpless Araucana Blue-green
Dorking White/Tinted Rumpless Game Tinted
Dutch Bantam Tinted Scots Dumpy White/Tinted
Faverolles Tinted/Cream Scots Grey White/Tinted
Fayoumi Tinted/Cream Sebright Cream/White
Friesian White Shamo Tinted/White
Frizzle White/Tinted Sicilian Buttercup White
German Langshan Tinted/Brown Silkie White/Tinted
Hamburgh White Spanish White
Hebden Black Mid to dark brown Speckledy Dark speckled
Hisex Ranger Brown Sulmtaler Cream/Tinted
Houdan White Sultan White
Hy-Line Brown Brown Sumatra White
Indian (Cornish) Game Tinted/Brown Sussex Tinted
ISA Brown Brown Tuzo Tinted
Italiener White Vorwerk Cream/Tinted
Ixworth White/Tinted Welbar Brown
Japanese Bantam Cream/White Welsummer Dark speckled
Jersey Giant Tinted/Brown White Star White
Ko-Shamo Bantam Tinted/Cream Wyandotte Tinted/Brown
Kraienkoppe White Wybar Tinted
Lakenvelder Tinted/White Yamato-Gunkei Tinted/Cream
Legbar White/Cream Yokohama Tinted/White
Leghorn White Transylvanian Naked Neck Tinted/White
La Fleche Tinted/White    


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